About designer


Fufu was first released in 2006 by alfa paskarini sawitri. At the first time, we were using fake leather for the bags due to increased demand of leather bag. In 2011, the evolution of fufu’s brand and material used has began. As the designer, alfa is motivated and inspired to create different bag, yet unique and stylish to meet the needs of high fashion. Alfa uses traditional techniques such as embroidery, beadwork, and crochet. Every detail in our product are shown the sincere of lots of effort for high art of bags.

For the love of the her homeland, alfa adds of the amazing heritage of Indonesia in his works. This has become the strength point because she is bringing up the trully rich of nature of Indonesia. She is willing to show off the world about Indonesia’s various culture through her products and persuade Indonesians to support their own products and bands. She wants the bags to ve wearable for long time.

Therefore, she maintains the originality and exclusivity of the products, so that you won’t see the same bag as yours wore by another.