Give thanks to allah

starting a local business with its own brand of products is not easy, many challenges, obstacles and hindrances, but as long as our intentions well as ALLAH, accompanied by a strong effort and conviction, then the weight of any obstacles, we will be able to live with patience and persistence. we should be grateful with what we get, because all we have in this world is merely the deposit of the ALLAH, he gives in accordance with the portion of our needs, even providing him not only according to what we need but the best for us, the best to in all aspects of our lives. for me personally, I’m not afraid of any shortfall in my life, not because I never lack anything in life, but I was very aware of all the gods give it in accordance with the portion of my ability to cultivate it, therefore I NEVER force something in life me. I leave everything to ALLAH, I only play the role of the artist in the gods scenario. and give any ALLAH arrives, it’s definitely the best, no less and no more, never too fast and never too late, how grateful I am because my life is still in ALLAH scenario, which I could do was become a GOD artist who has always loved .